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Create one project, generate many files!

Create a new file, add all the details and generate over 25 different Notices, Awards, Acknowledgements and Letters in seconds. Need to serve notice to a whole block of flats? No problem, you can copy the file in seconds, change the Adjoining Owners details and your ready to print, saving you time!

You can print directly from your web browser or download as PDF files.

Wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to access your files.

Print Anywhere

You can now print directly from your web browser, making it even faster to get your documents out!

You can also save your documents as a PDF document that can be viewed on any operating system (Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows or Linux) with a PDF reader installed.

We are also currently developing an option to save documents as a Word Documents as well. So they can be downloaded and edited locally.

Multi User

Are you one of many Party Wall surveyors within your company? Providing they have a MyPWS account, you can now share your documents with your fellow colleagues by simply entering that users email address.

Template Builder

If you want to create your own version of any document, simply create your own template with your own specific wording and then print directly using the template facility.

You can even create your own documents from scratch using our powerful template code system!

Third Surveyor Directory

Save time by selecting a surveyor from our Third Surveyor directory. Simply click on "Look up Surveyor", scroll through until you find the surveyors details and click "Select". Their details will be instantly entered on to the Third Surveyor selection letter.

Alternatively if you want to use someone who is not in our database, simply manually enter their details.

Also when you sign up, you are automatically added to the Third Surveyor directory, this means other Party Wall Surveyors can use you as a Third Surveyor for their projects. This then acts as an additional potential revenue stream for you!

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